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Large Animals

At the Crescent Veterinary Clinic, we offer a comprehensive large animal service to dairy, beef, sheep, and small holder farmers, as well as first opinion equine services, within a 30 mile radius of Melton Mowbray.

We now cover a range of Equine work including:
· Vaccinations
· Dentistry
· Sedations
· 24 hour emergency service
· Lameness
· Castration
· Blood work
· Minor surgical procedures

Herd Fertility:
Fertility plays a major role in not just the production cycle of the farm, but also in the economics and profitability of the farm.
As well as pregnancy and fertility disease diagnosis, we work with farmers to tighten up calving  intervals and reduce open days on both beef and dairy units. We have a state of the art, battery powered, ultrasound scanner which has made or pd’ing and fertility checks more efficient and accurate than ever.

A good, balanced diet is important in every stage of production. From ensuring good quality colostrum and optimum growth rates for young stock, to optimising milk production and composition in the milking cow, the diet can affect everything from fertility to lameness.

We work with farmers and nutritionist to ensure nutrition is optimised through all stages of the production cycle.

“No feet, no cow” is an expression we hold close to our hearts. From a production and welfare point of view, lameness is an important part of herd and individual animal health.

As well as treating cases in individual animals we do herd lameness evaluations and treatment plans including advice on foot trimming and bathing and track and housing maintenance.

We work with our dairy farmers in a number of ways, both monitoring and maintaining low cell counts and investigating and treating mastitis outbreaks.


Routine Services:

Along with this we offer all the below services. If you have anything else that needs doing then please ring the practice and we will do our best to accommodate you

Herd and flock health planning
Fresh calved checks & cleansings
Fertility work
Investigation of “Non-seen bullers”
TB Testing
24 hour emergency service
Alpaca, poultry, pig and game herd health